Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Marg Stohl

Beautiful Darkness is the second novel in the Caster Chronicles series!
(Warning: Will contain spoilers for Beautiful Creatures!)
Beautiful Darkness
K. Garcia & M. Stohl
So, as some of you may or may not know, I really loved Beautiful Creatures. I loved Ethan and Lena's story, and all of the awesome side characters in this world. Like Link, Ridley, and Amma. 
What I think I love most about most 2nd books in a series is that most of the "introductions" are done, and we kind of get to sink into the story. 
I don't know that I felt exactly like that with this one, but it was still that feeling of getting to spend time with people you already know.
And some you didn't.
Like Liv. I loved her so much. 
I think she may possibly be my favorite side character now, which is saying a lot. because I have a lot of them in this series. She is strong, fierce, independent, and above all- she has an amazing heart. Even if it causes her to kind of put herself in the line of fire for what she believes.
I'm kind of Team Liv now. But I know it's unlikely, so I'm trying to pretend that I'm not.
Lena had her own journey in this installment, and I found it very hard to understand her choices and forgive her, even when i knew I should. (Probably due to the Team Liv in me.)
The exploration of good and evil definitely continued, and I loved that Ethan had to figure it out just as much as everyone else.
If you loved Beautiful Creatures, you definitely will not be disappointed by Beautiful Darkness! 
I am currently working my way through Beautiful Chaos, and it has yet to disappoint either! :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Spellbound

Waiting on Wednesday
Rachel Hawkins

So you guys may or may not know that Hex Hall was THE reason I started my blog. I finished it in the middle of the night, and knew instantly that not only did I want to talk to SOME ONE about the amazing book- I wanted to talk to a LOT of people. I wanted them to tell me if they read it- if they loved it- and if they hadn't- I wanted to tell them that they SHOULD.
And so the blog was born.
So, naturally, as the release of the third and final installment approaches, I am DESPERATE to get my hands on it. I can't even- EXPLAIN how excited I am for this. (I pre-ordered it back in July. It releases this March. PERSPECTIVE.) 
I love Sophie. I love Archer. I love Cal.
I want all of them to live happily ever after.
I just can NOT wait for this book.
Any of you excited for it?
Have you pre-ordered it?
If you haven't, you should go do that now.
Alli-approved! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Legacy by Molly Cochran Review DNF

Molly Cochran

So I debated for awhile whether or not to finish this book, and then even more on whether or not I was going to blog about it once I decided not to finish it. Obviously, I decided to blog on it. This book didn't seem to get much attention, and I figure any exposure might be a good thing for it. 
So, this was my first Did Not Finish of 2012. It was also the first book I attempted to read this year- which kind of sucks- but alas, it happens.

When I read the synopsis of this book, I was REALLY excited about it. It had the air of Hex Hall but with a darker twist. I was immediately intrigued. Plus it had the "crazy family" that reminded me of Ethan's family from Beautiful Creatures, plus the mysterious mother death that was reminiscent of Delirium. All of which are my favorite books!
But honestly, it just did not do it for me.
I read about half of it (over 200 pages) before finally calling it quits.
The premise was much more intriguing than the actual story.
While the writing was what made me keep reading as long as I did, the characters did not.
I really couldn't decide whether I liked Katy or not. At times she seemed really clueless on things, and then like everything that was happening was completely normal.
I liked the idea of the town, and the forest with the fog of protection. It was interesting, but I don't feel like it was used the way it could have been. (Nor was it introduced in the right way.)
Also: my other problem: the romance between the two characters did not work for me. the whole "love turned hate" in a split moment felt forced and awkward- and i have no idea why she liked him other than he was attractive. Because he was an absolute ASS.
I felt like she had all of these awesome elements in the story, but when put together, they just didn't work for me.
But! that doesn't mean you won't like it. I know other people who did love the book (listed below).
If it sounds interesting to you, feel free to check out the more positive reviews.
Have you read it? What did you think? I'd love to hear from you!

Positive Reviews:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Fever

Waiting On Wednesday
Lauren DeStefano
Releases: Feb 21st

Less than a month away, and I am so freaking excited for this book!
(This is kind of cheating, because a friend of mine just gave me the arc, but I have yet to be able to read it, therefore: it still counts for this post!)
I loved Wither. SO much! Rhine was such an awesome MC.
(And also, I love this cover! Not as much as I loved Wither's cover, but still awesome!
Anyone else as excited about this one as me?
Hope so!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sharp Time by Mary O'Connell Review

The Sharp Time
Mary O'Connell

Sandanista is a wonderful character. I really enjoyed getting to know her. She was witty, and above all else, she was never afraid to be who she was. I LOVED that about her. She really carried this book.
I didn't necessarily love the book though.
I did, and then, I don't know, the book threw me for a loop towards the end.

Life has kind of pushed Sandanista to the backburner, and pretty much let her down on all accounts. So when she walks into her favorite clothing store to apply, she doesn't have very high expectations of anything because she really has no other plan.
But the job works out, and soon she finds herself a part of the store- those people- and they become the small ray of hope in her otherwise rather dismal world. Again, I loved this.
It wasn't until the end as the book started to wrap-up that I got thrown off.
Religion becomes (quite suddenly) a big role in this book, and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way.
It's simultaneously seemed to mock the church, and suggest it's part of the solution.
I feel like maybe I read it wrong, (I have taken awhile to get my thoughts together on this book to decide), but even now the end makes me cringe.
So, in conclusion, I feel like this book is definitely worth the read if you are looking for an MC who takes control of her life (even if it's not completely healthy the way she does it), and is unique- and one you won't soon forget.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

In My Mailbox!

Sean Griswold's Head
Five Flavors of Dumb
Catching Jordan
Academy 7
Wild Roses

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger Review

Shut Out
Kody Keplinger

I really adored this story! 
It was a fun, light, easy read.
I finished it in three hours- maybe less.
(I miss the days when this was a normal occurrence for me. Sigh.)
Three Words: Epic. Sex. Strike.
Anyway, Lissa is an awesome main character. I liked her- even with her control ticks and all.
She definitely feels like she has to take care of everyone though, which causes some serious problems when her inter-school rivalry starts getting out of control, and into her relationship with her boyfriend, Randy.
Enters Cash. (DID YOU HEAR THE SWOON?) There was a swoon. Cash is... ALL sorts of wonderful. I mean, charm pretty much oozed out of his pores. Seriously.  It was awesome, and no one was blind of the charm. Especially not Lissa.
I don't want to give anything away,
but just know that you should DEFINITELY read this book!
It is hilarious, wonderful, and romantic all wrapped up into a book.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In My MaIlbox!

Love & Leftovers
The Story of Us
The Disenchantments
The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers

Don't Stop Now
Shattered Dreams

The Queen of Kentucky
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
(Thank you SO SO SO much to Little Brown!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala Review

Don't Breathe A Word 
Holly Cupala

Ok, this book was wonderful. 
(Although, I don't say this very often, but the cover, in retrospect, is an odd choice for this book. It is GORGEOUS, but I don't know. Odd.)
Anyway, as I said, this book was beautiful, wonderful, and all other things one can nicely say about a novel. It was moving, and emotionally poignant, all the while maintaining it's gritty-ness.   Which to me, is quite a feat. 
Joy, the MC, is stuck, and so she does the only thing she knows to do to get out: she runs away. And not in the spur of the moment way, she plans it- meticulously. Down to every detail. 
But, she never plans out what she's going to do once she gets to where she's going. When she finds herself on the streets with no food, shelter, or money- for the first time in her life- Joy is allowed to breathe. 

And then she finds a new family.
She finds Creed.
And if the novel wasn't amazing enough before, Creed sends it over the top.
I loved Creed.

Everyone in this story is damaged, and I think that's what kept the book grounded. Even in the most dire of circumstances, Holly kept the book alive and beating with the heart of her characters and how they loved each other. How they sacrificed. 
But as running away goes, you can't run away forever. The past always sneaks up on you, and that part was pretty wonderfully beautiful as well. <3
And the ending- I LOVED THE ENDING. 
It was all pretty perfect!  
Perfect book to start the new year of reviews with!

No Kiss Blogfest!

(if you would like to know more about this blogfest, please go here.
Basically, the idea is that we write an almost- kiss scene, and post it. 
So I thought I would try it out!
Let me know what you guys think! It would mean a lot to me! :)
It's from my current WIP 

The storm whips the broken swing’s chains as I try to open a window into the living room. I knew it would be locked, but Carson has grown tired of the relentless beating of the rain that’s bordering becoming hail. I definitely don’t want that.
“You really have no idea where your mom is?” His voice carries in the wind, encompassing all of my senses, and sending a shiver down my spine. I’ve been hoping to avoid the question, so I shrug instead as I keep trying to push up on the window that has shown no sign of giving in. I would break the window if I thought for a single moment we would have money to fix it anywhere in the near future.
“Maybe you should come back to my house, Hailey. I can bring you back home later. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be out in this weather.” His hair dances the tango with the swirls of the storm, circling and twisting in ways that seem impossible. I want to run my hands through it, but I resist as I shake my head,and look away from him.
“I’m not going to your house. You can go. I’ll wait here. I’m sure she’ll be home any minute.”  It’s a lie, but I can’t stomach the idea of walking into his beautiful home that holds nothing but the best of memories for me, and be met with odd glances as his parents try to place my face. If they can at all. Not to mention, I would then have to leave, and my heart could shrivel into a bloodied pulsing rock smaller than a dime. I can not do that to myself. I close my eyes to miss his piercing stare.
“How about dinner then? Compromise?” My stomach betrays me as it rumbles at the mere mention of food. Luckily he can’t hear it, even as he steps closer to further push his point.
He has never been one to back down from what he wants.
I wish I had that kind of motivation. That drive.
 “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I whisper, unable to sound more confident.
“And why not?” His grin is subtle, the way it used to be when we were kids and he stayed over. We were too young to know that it would one day be banned due to hormones. He always woke up with that smile, I could never tell if he’d had an exceptional dream that lingered in the morning light, or if he was waiting for my mom to enter the room to announce the strawberry waffles were ready. A secret he only knew, a secret he never shared. Not even to me. He leans in closer, and I can feel his breath on my lips, and I feel myself, shamefully yet inevitably, lean into him as his hands circle my waist.  I’ve spent so long imagining this that it feels too unreal, too impossible to fathom as reality. We encompass a bubble that has always been impenetrable to every one else. He’d slipped in so seamlessly, and suddenly the bubble is ours, and I can’t help but think, maybe, just maybe he won’t leave me alone again.
“Let me help you, Hails.” He whispers just as his lips brushed against mine. It only lasted a fraction of a moment, a tease of what would come, when my mom’s headlights sliced between us, effectively breaking the moment. Just as seamlessly as he’d entered, he slips away as he turns to my mom. She is now walking onto the porch, staring blankly at the two of us as if we are intruders.
As if she doesn’t even know who I am.
“Mrs. Perish. Hi.” He looks at his shoes.
“Carson.” She breathes his name in awe as she finally recognizes him. It’s the first time I’ve seen her smile in days. “Are you joining us for dinner?”  She’s asking him, but she’s looking at me as if I’m someone she hadn’t expected.
Someone she’s hoped I would be.
Something to bet on.
She wasn’t betting on me.


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