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Blogoversary G!ve@way & Interview with Katie @ Katie's Book Blog

Hi my darlings! Today, I am interviewing Katie from Katie's Book Blog! She is one of my favorite bloggers, and I am so excited to have her on the blog today!
If you haven't checked out her blog, be sure to do so! :) 
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Hi Katie! Thanks for participating in my first-ever blogoversary! How is it that you decided to start a blog? How long have you been running it?
Well I discovered YA book blogs when I was  a senior in high school.  I was shocked to discover  that in a lot of cases teens were the ones writing the blogs.  I read blogs and entered giveaways for about 6 months before I decided to start my own.  I figured it would be a good way to get my thoughts out without annoying my non-reader friends.  I have now been running my blog for over 3 years.  =)   

Did you have bloggers to help you when you started?
I did not have bloggers to help me when I started and I think that is one of the reasons why it took so long for my blog to get noticed by anyone.  I kind of just had to go by what I saw on other blogs and I made sure to comment so that people would check out my blog.

What was the first book you fell in love with? How old were you?

The first book I fell in love with was Green Eggs and Ham and I was 5-years-old.  It's kinda hard not to fall in love with the first book you read all on your own. 

First book you reviewed?
The first book I reviewed was a Simon Pulse romantic comedy called Love Undercover by Jo Edwards. 

Do you have a favorite book now, or only favorite lists?  :)

I think I can probably narrow it down to two books as my favorites: Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor and Nevermore by Kelly Creagh.  I do have a ton of other favorites though.  Those are just at the very top of the list.

Do you ever find yourself giving recommendations to people at the bookstore? I know when I see people in the YA section, I always feel compelled to help! If so, do you find yourself recommending the same books?
I feel like a total creeper when I'm doing it but yes I totally do recommend books to people at the bookstore.  I see them looking at a book I read and I can't help but recommend it and then some others they might like.  And I actually recommend a wide range of books, usually based on what I see the people checking out.

I know you are a big Vampire Diaries fan, did you read the books before you watched the show? Or after? Did you like them? I didn't feel like they had as much depth as the show.
I actually have not read the books.  I wasn't even really interested in the show until this year but now I am hooked.  I don't know that I will ever read the books though because I don't think they can compare to Damon's hotness.

If you wanted to start a blog that was not about books, what do you think it would be on?

I am actually considering starting another blog so it's funny that you would ask!  I am actually interested in starting an accessories blog.  I'm such a girly girl when it comes to shoes, purses, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. that I kind of want to share that love.  Lol.

What do you like to do besides reading? Any other hobbies?
I love hanging out with my family if you can consider that a hobby.  I also love doing crafts and hiking!

Ok, last question. I know this is for my one-year blogoversary, but I am not crazy enough to think that I'm not still a newbie! Do you have any advice for other newbie(ish) bloggers that you maybe wish someone had told you? I know that you've said you still sometimes you consider yourself a newbie in some respects, but there are definitely things you know more about than actual newbies! :)
My only advice for newbies (that I wish someone had told me sooner) is to have fun and make blogger friends.  For the longest time I was afraid to talk to other bloggers and I missed out on a lot.  Bloggers are awesome and they are great for book recommendations!  Haha. 

Thanks for having me on the blog, Al!

Thank you, Katie! :)
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