Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogoversary Conclusion!

Hi lovelies.
So, this month has been kind of crazy for me with all of the interviews and giveaway planning. 
But now, it is finally over, and I am SO. VERY. THANKFUL. for all of you who made it possible! Friends, bloggers, authors: I can't thank you all enough for much I love you for helping make this happen! You all rock.
And for all of you who entered the giveaways, and congratulated me, I love you too! :) Thank you for your kind words!
The interviews may be over, but the giveaways are still open!
I wanted to make sure everyone had a fair chance to enter all of the ones they wanted to, so the first half of the giveaways are open through the end of the month, and the second half through the first week of April!
For your convenience, I compiled a list of posts for you guys!
Good luck to all of you! :) 

March 31st

April 7th!

I love all of these ladies, and I hope you do too! :) 
Thanks again for all of you guys' support!
XOXO. <3


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