Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala Review

Don't Breathe A Word 
Holly Cupala

Ok, this book was wonderful. 
(Although, I don't say this very often, but the cover, in retrospect, is an odd choice for this book. It is GORGEOUS, but I don't know. Odd.)
Anyway, as I said, this book was beautiful, wonderful, and all other things one can nicely say about a novel. It was moving, and emotionally poignant, all the while maintaining it's gritty-ness.   Which to me, is quite a feat. 
Joy, the MC, is stuck, and so she does the only thing she knows to do to get out: she runs away. And not in the spur of the moment way, she plans it- meticulously. Down to every detail. 
But, she never plans out what she's going to do once she gets to where she's going. When she finds herself on the streets with no food, shelter, or money- for the first time in her life- Joy is allowed to breathe. 

And then she finds a new family.
She finds Creed.
And if the novel wasn't amazing enough before, Creed sends it over the top.
I loved Creed.

Everyone in this story is damaged, and I think that's what kept the book grounded. Even in the most dire of circumstances, Holly kept the book alive and beating with the heart of her characters and how they loved each other. How they sacrificed. 
But as running away goes, you can't run away forever. The past always sneaks up on you, and that part was pretty wonderfully beautiful as well. <3
And the ending- I LOVED THE ENDING. 
It was all pretty perfect!  
Perfect book to start the new year of reviews with!

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