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Guest Review- Small Town Sinners

Hey loves. So this is week 2 in my series of guest posts. (Still accepting posts if you are interested! :) ) 
Cinny is one of my best friends, and while she does not blog, she is the reason I have read some of my favorite books- including THE HUNGER GAMES- and so when she offered to guest post, I knew that it was going to be great! (And I was right of course!)
Small Town Sinners - Melissa Walker 

The story of how Alli and I met each other is a kind of funny one, but one entirely to embarrassing to share. That being said, I consider her one of my dearest friends, and immediately answered her call when she tweeted about guest bloggers. And after scouring the interwebs for a young adult book to read, I finally settled on the first book that caught my attention as I was scouring the (may she rest in peace) young adult shelf:
Small Town Sinners- Melissa Walker 
Footloose meets Saved!...with a dash of How To Deal (only watched the movie, never read the Sarah Dressen books it’s based on) thrown on the side. That was my immediate impression of this book as I started readingthree of my favorite movies and not necessarily a bad thing.
Our heroine is Lacey Anne, whose only interest at the beginning of the story is getting her drivers license. Well, that and getting the starring role of 
"Abortion Girlin the churches annual event called Hell House. Lacey Anne, you see, is the typical small town girl. Some call her shy, but I would say she is more reserved than anything. She has been raised in a Christian household (her father is a childs minister) and has eagerly adopted the values and morals of her parents. She has two great friends named Starla Joy and Dean. They have their small quirks, but their friendship is very lifelike.
The plot of the story, which really starts the character development, centers on an event that occurs in Starla Joy
s family. Its this event that makes Lacey Anne realize that life is not as simple as she believes it to be, that things arent necessarily black and white.
Watching Lacey Anne grow throughout the story was
amazing. I found her journey to be very true to life, and she acted appropriately to the circumstances surrounding her. Like most 16 year old girls, she started testing her boundaries with her parents by sneaking out of the house to see her boyfriend, Ty. And as the story progressed, she grew from the obedient and meek girl to one that wasstill obedient, but one that also questioned the things she had been taught and believed to be true. Though they were secondary characters in the story, Starla Joy and Dean also had their own personal struggles, and found personal growth.
Ty. He was actually the one character that fell a little flat for mewhich makes me glad that the story didnt center around his and Lacey Annes romance. Instead, he was a constant gentle nudge for her to be more accepting of the people around her – which is really the important part of the story. I absolutely adored the fact that Lacey Anne was dealing with stuff that every 16 year old girl faces, like getting her first kiss from a really hot guy with an appreciation for polo shirts – not whether or not if she wants to spend eternity with/as a vampire (Im lookin’ at you Stephanie Meyer!*)
I recommend this book. It was very light and easy to read. I started it this evening after I got in from a slightly crappy day of work, and finished it within a few hours. Is it going to stick with me and resonate in my mind for the next several days? No. But it was a nice reminder of what it means to be 16 and testing the ground that we walk on. Solid B.
*I actually like Stephanie Meyer, no disrespect to anyone.


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