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Myra McEntire

This book was just... amazing.. and wonderful.. and epic.. and all sorts of perfection. I've tried to write this review like 3x, but for some reason, blogger never saves it. And so now, it's been like over a week since I've read it. Which makes giving it a review it deserves kind of difficult. 

Let me start by saying that Myra is a WONDERFUL writer. She pulls you into this world, and never lets go until the very end. She takes a subject (time travel) that could be mind-boggling and makes it easy to understand. Even if there is a bit of physics thrown in that I try to ignore. :) 

I loved all of the characters in this book. Emerson was a kick-ass character. She body-slammed someone! it was EPIC. I knew I was going to love her when I saw that.
(this pretty much goes with my feelings towards the entire book- but ESPECIALLY THE BODYSLAM!)
Emerson sees things that aren't there. Ripples of time. She has a very hard time distinguishing the difference between reality and these ripples, which has led to some serious problems for her. 
Then, she meets Michael from the Hourglass organization, and he wants to help her. But he also wants help. And then, of course, there's the whole thing about them having INSANE CHEMISTRY. It's just freaking electrifying- and neither can deny it. 
Yes, oh yes it is. THE VERY BEST KIND. 
Because if Michael isn't enough, then she meets Kaleb- Michael's best friend in the world who is ALL SORTS OF HOT AND STEAMY.
X 10. With lots of tattoos, and and.. I just really loved him. Don't judge me. 

I know a lot of people feel like triangles are bad. But I actually think they are often necessary. Life is about options and choices, and when it's only one person available- it's not a choice. There isn't only one person in the world. It's not always good vs bad. Sometimes it's just a matter of who you can't manage to live without. And I feel like this struggle is far from over. The romance in this book was just perfection. I loved it SO SO SO much! 

And then there's Em's best friend. Who I adored, but she also seemed to be the one that was left out the most. I really hope she is the next books more, because I feel like Em needs her. (Vice versa.) I'm really excited to see where Myra takes that in the sequel! 

The book is pretty fast paced, and I loved meeting all of the supporting characters- like Em's brother who was possibly one of the best big brothers ever. And his wife- who you could just tell- really wanted the best for Em. Even if that meant going against Thomas's wishes sometimes.

Ok, that's enough ranting. I think I made my point. READ THIS BOOK.
IT IS WONDERFUL! <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. When I read The Time Traveler's Wife, I had a really difficult time wrapping my mind around the time travel - like, a REALLY difficult much so that I almost stopped reading it altogether.

    But this one is easy to understand, you say?

  2. I have this sitting on my shelf from the library and I'll be starting it probably sometime next week and I cannot wait! Your review makes me even more excited. :)


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