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Andrea Cremer


So. I have been in a bit of a reading slump after finishing Anna and the French Kiss. I just haven't been able to focus on a book. (With the exception of Between the Lines) I've tried starting three different stories, and I haven't been able to get into any of them. (Stories that I was REALLY excited to read!) And so I was really hesitant to start this book. (I told you guys about my werewolf thing.) I didn't want to read it when I was in a reading slump because I wanted it to have a fair chance. 
I was SEVERELY underestimating the awesomeness of this book. Because that is the only word I can describe it now that it's 4 AM, and I've just finished it in one sitting.
 I am kind of mourning that I got this book from the library- BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO GIVE IT UP!
Cremer created a world full of wonderful characters that are never lacking in entertainment. See the fierceness of the girl on the cover? Totally does justice to the awesomeness of Calla. No lie.
I loved this book. I really REALLY loved this book. I am so glad I gave it a chance! (And even happier that I'm apart of the Wolfsbane tour, so I get to read the sequel SOON!) :)
Calla is the alpha of her pack, the Nightshades. And in the beginning of the book, we learn she's been set to marry Ren since they were little (who is the alpha of his pact), and their union was to create a new pact. 
And let me just say they are both KICK-ASS ALPHAS!
And so, as their pending union approaches, things get messy. For everyone. Nothing is as it seems, and hoops are constantly being jumped through, and most of the time, it's hard to know which way is the right way. Because Ren's charm is just... gah. He balances his commitment to his pact, to his duty, and his love for Calla all so perfectly well that I find myself amazed by him. Because the truth is is that he truly loved Calla. And it wasn't a duty to him. I loved him. I now understand the big debate between Ren and Shay because even now I am pretty torn on my decision. But my decision was made. 
But then there's Shay, the forbidden fruit of the story who never accepts the standard quo. Who never allows tradition to dictate his life. And he didn't want Calla to let it either.
So, she's torn between these two amazing guys the whole book when the rest of her world is crumbling to pieces as she learns that nothing is ever as it seems. 
If that isn't awesome enough, the supporting characters were all wonderful. Bryn (Calla's bff- and 2nd in command) is a fashion junkie, and she's absolutely hilarious. It's a nice foil for all the drama and emotion going on in the rest of Calla's life. 
Then there's Ansel- her brother. Who is kind of the best little brother anyone could ask for. Not that I have a little brother, but if I did, I would like him to be like Ansel. He has this unrelenting devotion to his sister that I REALLY loved! <3 
I can't say too much else without spoiling, 
So I will just end this with two words.
The End.

(I know I overdid it on the gifs, but this book deserved ALL of them and more! I showed more restraint than you think! <3) 

If you've already read it, READ IT AGAIN! :) 


  1. Whoa! What a review! I did enjoy this book as well and can't wait for Wolfsbane! Although I'm still undecided on which "team" to be on. Leaning towards Ren though. ;)

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  2. For some reason I am averse to reading books about werewolves, too. It's one of the main reason I haven't started Maggie Stiefvater's series yet. Because NIGHTSHADE has been given such glowing reviews I'm going to add it to my list. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hey!I'm Team Ren, as well. It's bad, because normally in love triangles, one person is the obvious right choice and the other is just thrown in to create hot tension. In this book, I honestly like both boys. Who is better to Calla? Shay, obviously. I hate that Ren was such a man whore and not all that kind to Calla-- BUT, I recognize that his mom died and his dad (I don't believe Emile is his father anywho!) is an ass. ANYWAY, Nightshade doesn't have a clear choice here!

  4. TEAM REN! totally, absolutely, most definitely TEAM REN...


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