Monday, May 9, 2011

Along for the Ride

Sarah Dessen
Sigh. How I love Sarah Dessen. Seriously. (If you know NOTHING else about me, you should know this. Sarah Dessen is my HERO!!!(X 1 trillion) It occurred to me recently that while I (incessantly) talk about how much I love Sarah Dessen, I have yet to give any examples of why I love her. (Blasphemy, Blasphemy! I know!) So in honor of her NEW book coming out TOMORROW! YES I SAID TOMORROW!!!!!!!!) I am reviewing her latest book. (It has been 2 years. I am having withdraws.) What Happened to Goodbye promises to be just as amazing as the rest of her books.
But until I can tell you about that, I will tell you about Along for the Ride. Which is wonderful! It is definitely in my top 3 of Sarah's! (Right after Truth About Forever and This Lullaby) -Which is saying a LOT.

Anyways, in AftR, we meet Auden, fresh out of high school, and just... stuck. She has a summer full of studying for upcoming college courses ahead of her, a professor as a mom who is severely lacking, and no real friends to think of. So, when she gets an email from overly-hyper/saccharine-sweet step-mom offering to come stay with them for the summer to meet her new baby sister, Auden accepts against her best efforts not to.  She didn't like perky, and she didn't like pink, which is what her step-mom's clothing store was filled with. Nor did she like groups of girls or gossip- but mostly because she'd never really been around it. She thought it was going to be a summer from hell. But she was oh so very wrong!

Everything changed that summer for Auden, mostly when she met Eli. <3 I can't even explain how much I love Eli and his insomniac self. Which is how they bond. They don't sleep- for completely different reasons. Auden doesn't know how to be a kid, and Eli never wants to grow up, and together they find what it means to find a balance. To live without regretting being able to live.

The characters, in true Dessen style, are never flat, and are rarely predictable. Just when you think you know exactly what to expect from a character, they surprise you. And I love that about Dessen's writing. No one is all just one thing. No one is JUST smart. Or just girly. or just sad. Or just perky.  We encompass all of these things on some degree, and it's the best thing about being human. To change our minds. To learn.

To get on the bike.

To love.

A book of firsts and lasts, Auden will take you for a ride you will never forget. (Why would you ever want to?!!?)

So, what are you waiting for? JUMP ON THE BIKE! :) 


  1. Great review! Sarah Dessen is one of the best. My favorite is Just Listen. ^_^

  2. I have a confession to make. I haven't read any of her books... yet! I have one on my shelf so I'll try and dig it out soon.

  3. I've only read one or two Dessen books...but I really enjoyed them! She definitely has a talent for creating memorable characters. I am now very anxious to read this book!

  4. You already know Dreamland is my favorite. But I loved AFTR too! And TAF! And all of them.

  5. Since you are my Sarah Dressen expert, there is a book of hers (I THINK, which is why I'm referring to you) that was made into a movie that I love. Mandy Moore is in it. I own said movie. But for the love of me, I can't remember the name.

    Yes, I'm aware that it would take me less that 2 seconds to check IMDB to find out. But it's so much more fun to ask you, Allison! :P


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